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Marion Bernard, Marielle Wathelet, Jessica Pilo, Clara Leroy, François Medjkane: gender identity and psychiatry

This study focuses on the frequency of comorbid psychiatric issues in trans adolescents with an associated diagnosis of gender dysphoria who are treated in the transidentity service of the CHRU of Lille. The study includes 43 patients, 72.1 % of whom have at least one associated psychiatric diagnosis, anxiety disorders being the most prevalent. This study provides confirmation of the great psychic, indeed psychiatric, vulnerability of this population.

Adolescence, 2019, 37, 1, 111-123.

Marion Bernard, Marielle Wathelet, Jessica Pilo, Clara Leroy, François Medjkane : identité de genre et psychiatrie

L’étude a pour objet la fréquence des comorbidités psychiatriques chez les adolescents trans ayant un diagnostic de dysphorie de genre associé, consultant sur le dispositif Transidentité(s) du CHRU de Lille. Ainsi 43 patients ont été inclus, 72.1 % d’entre eux auraient au moins un diagnostic psychiatrique associé. Les troubles anxio-dépressifs seraient les plus représentés. Cette étude confirme la vulnérabilité psychique, voire psychiatrique, de cette population.

Adolescence, 2019, 37, 1, 111-123.

Samuel Lepastier: narcissism and hate towards the father

This article will analyze the expression of hatred of the father, which is as often encountered in treatment as it is in contemporary adolescents. Though it is true that the manifest content of an account may relate to different latent content and that the very conditions of adolescent treatments do not always enable the uncovering of the deepest levels of the unconscious, in the continuation of Freud’s work on the issue of parricide the study of literary works is a privileged way of understanding this affect.

Adolescence, 2015, 33, 2, 341-353.

Samuel Lepastier : narcissisme et haine pour le père

Cet article se propose d’analyser l’expression de la haine contre le père, fréquemment rencontrée aussi bien dans la clinique qu’en dehors d’elle chez les adolescents contemporains. S’il est vrai qu’un récit manifeste peut renvoyer à des contenus latents divers et que les conditions mêmes des cures d’adolescents n’autorisent pas toujours le dévoilement des couches les plus profondes de l’inconscient, il reste, dans le prolongement de la démarche de Freud quant à la question du parricide, que la prise en compte d’œuvres littéraires est une voie privilégiée pour rendre compte de cet affect.

Adolescence, 2015, 33, 2, 341-353.

Michèle Bertrand : on war traumata

Trauma and traumatism should be considered from a dynamic perspective, that is to say as something which is ongoing and changes with time. Thus, the range of PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorders) is limited, insofar as it is static, referring only to symptoms of a certain type. The recently promoted notion of resilience confirms this dynamic point of view. The adolescent may present disorders which do not belong to what is properly called “war neurosis”, but which seem more serious and troubling.

Michael Stora : addiction to the virtual. the video game

The phenomenon of the video game calls for a study of its risks. We have chosen to approach it from the perspective of addiction, since some subjects play video games to excess. We will try to see how the choice of the addiction object, the “ video game ”, reveals a history of narcissistic wounds involving real images but also self images. The video game shows us the anti-depressive struggle set up by the player through an avatar, a narcissistic double who possesses the anal talents sadly lacking in himself.

Yvon Brès : Solitude: Sulking

The pangs of solitude, traditionally linked with isolation, but which may also be of a depressive kind, are liable to be associated with the childhood and adult attitude of sulking, which consists in pretending a certain kind of of pain in order to blackmail one’s neighbor. Sulking has noxious physiological effects, but also a few secondary benefits (especially apparent in Rousseau’ Rêveries du promeneur solitaire). Finally, it may trigger repressions, resulting in the disappearance of its meaning and turning “ intentional ” behavior into a set of negatively experienced symptoms. The restitution of the original meaning of such behavior may argue in favor of a psychoanalysis emphasizing the dimension of the “ subject ”.

François Richard : The Work of Representation and the Psychotic Process

This paper supports the hypothesis that the process of subjectivation resorts to a firmness of personal or artistic style when the subject is threatened by psychotic attacks, especially during adolescence. Thought and representation are then seen to intensify in the subject, but it is difficult to distinguish between the excess of melancholic consciousness, psychotic anxiety, and a type of sublimation that is fascinated by drive chaos. The paper proposes a second hypothesis regarding, inversely, the usefulness of a kind of solitude and of masochistic compromise with object and reality. A moment of psychotic crisis in an adolescent girl with a neurotic problem is presented in terms of how the quest for the distinctiveness of style curbs her breakdown. The paper then analyzes the theatrical work of the playwright S. Kane in detail; indeed, here we find an example of the paradox of a suicide that follows successful representational mastery. Finally, we discuss Freud’s ideas about masochistic destructiveness and Winnicott’s ideas about the core of the true self as being non-communication.

Vincent Cornalba : living with

The author envisages the figure of the friend in its attracting role with regard to the register of depression in adolescence. At once caught up in a loss of objects and in the loss of a condition, which he must now subjectivate, the adolescent would find in the person of the friend that actor – facilitating agent, subject of experience and a support to projection and/or identification – able to sustain him effectively in this work which involves, in an essential way, the register of the encounter.