ENG – Fantasmes
et réalités du virtuel
2012 T.30 n°1

D. J. Kuss, M. D. Griffiths
Internet video game addiction
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Pascal Minotte
Internet addiction and other prophecies of decline
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Benoît Virole
Exile, combat and masquerade
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Yann Leroux
Metapsychology of video games immersion
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Frédéric Tordo
Psychoanalysis of action in video games
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Catherine Cerezo
A serious computer game for pupils from ten to eleven years old : boosting self-esteem and learning at school
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Serge Tisseron
Clinical work with the virtual : daydreaming, dreaming and imagining
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Benjamin Thiry
World of warcraft : a thematic and psychoanalytic approach
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Michel Hajji
The role of video games in psychological counseling
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Geoffroy Willo, Sylvain Missonnier
Cybernetic « emergence », an operator of the transference in psychosis
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Hélène Riazuelo
An adolescent between two machines. dialysis and computer
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Béatrice Mabilon-Bonfils
Digital practices, between writing and sociability
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