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1999 T. 17 n°1

Alain Abelhauser
How to start a psychoanalytic cure at adolescence
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Dominique Agostini
Creatures of hallucinosis
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Benjamin Jacobi
Adolescence and complaint
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Claude Savinaud
Passion for the symbolical
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Marielle Sœur
Negative hallucination of the writing environment and cathexis of the lateral amongst adolescents.
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Françoise Brullmann
The origin of a request of aesthetic surgery at adolescence
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Jean-François Chiantaretto
Writing about oneself at puberty : a clinical-theoretical approach
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Denis Hirsch
Charlotte and free fall : about the narrative of action in adolescent psychotherapies
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Christophe Rubin
Adolescent rap : from the dismanteling of a rhythm and of a discourse towards the hyper-extension of a vocal representation of the subject.
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