Archives de catégorie : ENG – Homosexualité 2 – 2001 T.19 n°1

Florence Goldberg: gushing visions of the pubertal scene

This article emphasizes the experience of the emergence of homosexuality during adolescence for writers such as Yukio Mishima and Hervé Guibert and their accounts of it. From the beginning it seems to be a fantasy enactment of the pubertal scene, mixing incest, abjection and the fascination for horror. This text questions the outcome of the pubertal scene and the importance of the drives activated by a sensory and perceptive intensity, that these two writers bring into the foreground throughout their autobiographic writing. Moreover, the article suggests that we distinguish between what is the order of perversion and more precisely the question of a perverse construction.

Marcel Houser: a doubtful beauty or the adolescence in question

It’s a question of a view point, not without a certain seriousness, of the emotional relations held among the principal characters directed by Sam Mendes, in his film entitled American Beauty and in particular, the emotional drama experienced by the adolescents who find themselves in the center of the action.The latter, their identity shifted about, among the adults in proximity, who are first of all, their parents, seem to the author, to be screaming with a very contemporary truth.
The clearly pregenital nature of the pseudo-sexual relations engaged in by some of the characters, seems quite obvious here. And it seems clear that the mirror aspect of the relations experienced correspond above all, to an erotisation of an essentially narcissitic and phallic nature, therefore of defensive auto and homo erotisms, much more than of an authentic sexualisation.
The study concludes with a brief theoretic review of the main difficulties encountered by all adolescents worldwide, and probably of all time, even if different societies, inevitably changing in the course of history can lead to apparently specific forms of expression.

Franklin Rausky: a case of divided adolescent: a mutiple personnality disorder at the beginning of the 19 century

The case of Julie, a German young girl int he begining of XIXth century : the first chronicle,written in a clinical style,of a syndrom of multiple personality of an adolescent, with an ordinary personality,three alternating personalities and psychological phoenomena : post-hypnotical amnesia, Out-of-Body Experience (OBE), mystical preachings in transe – state and endoscopic hallucinations.

Catherine Ternynck: clinical study of female homosexuality in adolescence

Could certain female homosexual encounters have a dimension which provide structure ? Could they help certain young girls to extricate themselves from erotic bonds which were maintained with their mothers for narcissistic purposes ? Could they have a leverage effect, of turning again towards heterosexuality ? In this case, how can we explain that in their internal organization, certain adolescents resort to such a solution while others involved in the same psychic work, seem able to do without it ?
This article tries to bring out a dynamic common to the most diverse homosexual movements, from the most ordinary to the most pathological during female adolescence. Thus it envisages a homosexual transitional passage, a space of experience enabling an elaborative resumption of the separation and an introjective renewal of the feminine qualities of the mother.

Ludovic Gadeau: figure of father’s affectation during adolescence

The author analyses a process through which the question of father is modified in adolescence. This process, named affectation of father, must be understood through its articulations with the Œdipus complex, and concerns the contingent father as much as the adolescent. The position of father (symbolical position) is normally supported by two complementary levels : an institutional dimension and a subjective dimension. The emphasis is placed on subjective appropriation of the question of the father-being in adolescent process. Two paradigmatic figures – the sacrifice of Isaac, Noah and his sons – give us examples of the affectation of father, through which the author studies the basic components of the subjective appropriation of father-being.

Philippe Pierre Tédo: a directed abusive experience

The author explains the pathway of an adolescent heavily invested in a impassioned homosexual relation.When he was persuaded that he was betrayed, he attempted suicide and was rapidly hospîtalized.
The elaboration around that moment of crisis led him under the sign of the transfer, to especially question his traumatic infantile experience reorganized during puberty. The work took him towards the identity quest regarding projective and destructive patental figures. The abusive prepubertal sexual experience, in its dimension of criminal reality, came up to intensify an early abusive experience that he attempted to reconstruct. Faced with the scope of the work to accomplish, he chose to leave the couch to hasten towards repetition, to behaviours organized in a perverse manner, which questioned the future of this boy on a psychopathological plan.

Alix Bernard: the choice of the homosexual object and belonging to the deaf community

Several observations collected during research conducted on the sexual behavior of deaf subjects confronted with AIDS, emphasize the frequency of partners with normal hearing chosen by deaf homosexuals. By using the thorough analysis of the speech of a young deaf homosexual man we will see how this object choice can be considered as a stage in the work adolescens and understand it as a homoerotic initiation which restores a phallic mirror image.

François Pommier: from parental passion to nascent homosexuality

The comparison of clinical situations of two men having relations of a homosexual type in adolescence leads one to comprehend nascent homosexuality in relation to the disarray of the adolescent confronted with the language of parental passion. It results from this study, that if the homosexual act in adolescense consists of seeking another self mirrored outside the self, it is essentially as a function of the image of the parents merged into one that constitutes this act. The homosexual relationship in adolescence might not be built so much on following a process of similarity, as in organizing itself around a confrontation with another, different from himself and essentially enigmatic.

Anna Victoi: extreme feminity-orpheus and the magic theatre

This article explains one of the objects of study of the author; the homosexual process of psychic development.
Such a process includes the double of the self, the primary and preoedipal homosexualities as well as the construction of the fantasy « the female relation with the father » in adolescence (oedipal homosexuality). A clinical example (the extreme femininity of a 15 year old adolescent) illustrates the reflection on the construction and the continuity of the homosexuel process.