Archives par mot-clé : Phallic narcissism

Jean-Yves Chagnon, Catherine Matha, Deise Matos Do Amparo, Marie-Christine Pheulpin: vicissitudes of female integration

This article deals with the vicissitudes of the integration of the feminine in delinquent adolescent girls, especially those who are sexually delinquent, who overinvest apparently masculine aspects, such as narcissistic phallic features. As a result of early narcissistic trauma, these subjects struggle defensively against the integration of passive positions associated with harmful passivation and feminization.

Adolescence, 2018, 36, 1, 69-83.

Alix Bernard: the choice of the homosexual object and belonging to the deaf community

Several observations collected during research conducted on the sexual behavior of deaf subjects confronted with AIDS, emphasize the frequency of partners with normal hearing chosen by deaf homosexuals. By using the thorough analysis of the speech of a young deaf homosexual man we will see how this object choice can be considered as a stage in the work adolescens and understand it as a homoerotic initiation which restores a phallic mirror image.