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Marjorie Roques: the sublimatory experience sublimatoire homosexual object choice in an anorexic adolescent girl

This article will explore the theory conceived by Philippe Gutton with reference to the analysis of the beginning of the treatment of a fourteen year-old girl to show how, after some risky behaviors (anorexia. scarification) and several chaotic episodes in her relationships, a homosexual object choice, which had played out in the transference, turned out to be this young girl’s salvation.

Adolescence, 2015, 33, 1, 75-85.

Catherine Ternynck: clinical study of female homosexuality in adolescence

Could certain female homosexual encounters have a dimension which provide structure ? Could they help certain young girls to extricate themselves from erotic bonds which were maintained with their mothers for narcissistic purposes ? Could they have a leverage effect, of turning again towards heterosexuality ? In this case, how can we explain that in their internal organization, certain adolescents resort to such a solution while others involved in the same psychic work, seem able to do without it ?
This article tries to bring out a dynamic common to the most diverse homosexual movements, from the most ordinary to the most pathological during female adolescence. Thus it envisages a homosexual transitional passage, a space of experience enabling an elaborative resumption of the separation and an introjective renewal of the feminine qualities of the mother.

Serge Lesourd: emergency of homosexuality during aolescence: « Les gens de la mère »

In this article using a case study of female homosexuality, the author shows how adolescent homosexuality, especially female homosexuality which has puzzled psychoanalysis, can be understood as one of the normal paths leading to the encounter of bodily pleasure during the sexual act in the pubertal period. That leads one to ask questions about the effects of social discourse on the adolescent passage, and consequently on the place granted, in modern and post modern times to acted upon homosexuality and not sublimated homosexuality that Freud wrote about, as one of the possible forms of the social bond.