Marcel Houser: a doubtful beauty or the adolescence in question

It’s a question of a view point, not without a certain seriousness, of the emotional relations held among the principal characters directed by Sam Mendes, in his film entitled American Beauty and in particular, the emotional drama experienced by the adolescents who find themselves in the center of the action.The latter, their identity shifted about, among the adults in proximity, who are first of all, their parents, seem to the author, to be screaming with a very contemporary truth.
The clearly pregenital nature of the pseudo-sexual relations engaged in by some of the characters, seems quite obvious here. And it seems clear that the mirror aspect of the relations experienced correspond above all, to an erotisation of an essentially narcissitic and phallic nature, therefore of defensive auto and homo erotisms, much more than of an authentic sexualisation.
The study concludes with a brief theoretic review of the main difficulties encountered by all adolescents worldwide, and probably of all time, even if different societies, inevitably changing in the course of history can lead to apparently specific forms of expression.