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The risks of confinement

The lockdown was a litmus test of the quality of adolescents’ relationship with their parents. Some enjoyed the unexpected availability of their parents; others suffered from being sequestered in close quarters with them. Some continued to gather in groups without regard for the health regulations. Lockdown parties were held in secret, as were many parties after the lockdown, with the same disregard for precautionary measures. This article analyzes such transgressions as a way of fabricating intensity of being, carried out with the ambivalence of a “I know, but still” attitude.

Adolescence, 2021, 39, 1, 57-68.

Ingrid Piesen : techno ritual

The techno movement represents a « counter-cultural » musical trend around which youths gather when setting up « re-creative » festive spaces. This article proposes to demonstrate the paradoxical character of the rave party phenomenon which, though it runs the risk of chronicizing borderline-case experiences, seems sometimes to open the way for a process of subjectivation, through the regression incited by group bonding and the rituals that organize it (musical tradition, drug use, integration of specific codes.)

Jean-Bernard Chapelier : « The great illusion » : Party and group process

The party condenses two contradictory expectations : one individual, that is, knowing how to find the ideal in a love and/or sexual partner ; the other, to recover the narcissistic security within the group that promises some incomparable pleasures. The choice is especially difficult because the two solutions have the same consequence: the happiness of « oceanic feeling ». Caught between fidelity to the group and the hope of falling in love, the teenager often opts for a third way, that of the quick search for a trance-like state brought about by the consumption of alcohol or narcotics.