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Ivana Obradovic: drug use and addictogenic society

Ways of using psychoactive substance in adolescence cannot be separated from their social context. The younger generation’s recourse to these substances must be viewed in light of prevailing social norms (speed, performance, pleasure), components of the addiction itself. In the face of the spread of these risky practices, the public sector has developed an adapted treatment format: the “Young Users Consultations”.

Adolescence, 2015, 33, 1, 177-192.

Marie Choquet : Risk behaviour at adolescence

In this paper, the author comments two epidemiological studies on the use of condoms with youths between 15 and 18 (H. Lagrange, B. Lhomond, and the ACSJ team) and the risk frequency rate of Aids among the young drug-users (F.Lert). She draws the following conclusions :

– adolescents are responsible subjects who do respond to health messages,

– prevention actions may be useful and efficient,

– however the actions with high-risk youths should be thought over more carefully.

Ingrid Piesen : techno ritual

The techno movement represents a « counter-cultural » musical trend around which youths gather when setting up « re-creative » festive spaces. This article proposes to demonstrate the paradoxical character of the rave party phenomenon which, though it runs the risk of chronicizing borderline-case experiences, seems sometimes to open the way for a process of subjectivation, through the regression incited by group bonding and the rituals that organize it (musical tradition, drug use, integration of specific codes.)

Teresa Cristina Carreteiro : brazilian youth, institutions and change in underprivelaged groups

Young Brazilians, living in troubled neighborhoods marked by the drug trade, experiment with violence and are often fascinated by it, even more so in that they are seeking recognition. To obtain this, they can not count on social service institutions, which have often tended to stigmatize them while the drug trade welcomes them. But some people know how to avoid this trap and overcome the conditions of their difficult living conditions. Thus Daniel, who with the author, elaborated his life story for several years, succeeded, thanks to support from differents sources and in spite of a life filled with obstacles and dangers in building his house, holding down a regular and legal job, helping to establish itself and changing his life by establishing other bonds of solidarity and conviviality.