Archives par mot-clé : Pubertaire scene

Philippe Gutton : outline of a theory of genitality

This text is comprised of three parts. The concept of the genital archaic is re-examined and established as the prime mover of the pubertaire. Subjectivation or adolescens has its origin in the earliest mechanisms for managing the original trials : cathexis, withdrawal of cathexis and counter-cathexis. The concepts of original repression and suppression are particularly studied in the avatars of the construction of the pubertaire scene. The so-called clinic of the breakdown is theorized in a new way. A study of dream functioning at puberty revisits the processes in play by way of clinical work.

Jean-Bernard Chapelier : freud and the wolf man : a shared pubertaire scene

The case of the « Wolf Man », a young man who presented grave problems in adolescence, is revisited here in light of the concept of the pubertaire scene. Indeed, when we look closely at it, this primal scene exhumed by Freud is in fact a pubertaire scene co-constructed by Freud and his patient. Starting with this hypothesis, it is possible to explain the failure of the psychoanalytical treatment which will leave the Wolf Man facing a breakdown he could not surmount. This analysis seeks to show the possible effects of the analyst’s unanalyzed pubertaire on his patient.

Christian Bonnet, Stéphanie Pechikoff : Guenevere in her coat of arms

If the child constructs his identity out of the bits of discourse about him that he picks up in the Wincottian environment, the adolescent attains a sexually-differentiated identity through a process we propose to call “ coat of arms ” : fragments of the body, eroticized by the play of partial drives would through this process be seen to be assembled into a whole constituting sexually-differentiated identity. The case of Akira, who captures bits of her friend’s body with her cell phone camera, enables us to investigate this coat-of-arms aspect of the construction of the sexually-differentiated identity of the subject, and even of the object, in adolescence.