Archives par mot-clé : Suburbs

Olivier Douville : “ move to the outskirts of the town ” or when time folds in upon space

The author focuses on articulations between urban space and psychical space. Using a clinical experience and research about adolescents wandering in two big African cities (Dakar and Bamako), he attempts a topological exploration of the subjective individual and group impact of places (suburban housing projects) and the speech life that is in play in them. This leads to considerations on graffiti and drug use.

Claire Maurice : adolescence in the poor suburbs : a new “ malaise ” ?

Many young people from the poor suburbs are going through many problems, both familial and social, which raise the question of a new form of adolescent malaise in our contemporary society. These young people are not always open to therapeutic work. This raises many specific questions about the necessity of inventing treatment arrangements halfway between the social and the therapeutic, a way of meeting these young people at the space-time frontier that defines them: the suburb, this intermediary zone where minority demands and identity deficits converge.

Michelle Auzanneau : « language of suburbs ? » a contribution to a myth disclosure

The « langue des cités » constitutes a contemporary myth. This paper, with particular reference to a corpus of newspaper articles, presents the main frame of this myth and then gives a contribution to its release. To this end, this paper presents the results of a research on language practices of young speakers attending training centers for their social and professional insertion, on the outskirts of Paris. It stresses the characteristics of their speech and reflects the social complexity of their language use in the interactional process during training sessions.

Adolescence, 2009, T. 27, n°4, pp. 873-885.