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olivier douville : “ move to the outskirts of the town ” o cuando el tiempo se repliega sobre el espacio

El autor se interesa a las articulaciones entre espacios urbanos y espacios psíquicos. A partir de una experiencia clínica y de investigaciones hechas sobre los adolescentes errantes en dos grandes ciudades africanas (Dakar y Bamako), el trata de hacer una exploración topológica de los incidentes subjetivos, ya sean singulares o grupales de los lugares (ciudadelas y barreadas) y de la vida de la palabra que está en juego. También, encontraremos consideraciones sobre los “ graffiti ” y sobre el uso de drogas.

Anne Tassel : graffiti street

By exhibiting his locomotive trail, the graffiti artist invents a city for himself where his identity fantasies unfurl; thanks to these, he hopes to integrate his relation with others by making himself the object of his own practice. Then the street is no longer divided up into “ territories ”, but into moments of history, pieces of time, allowing the singularities that are being tried out to veer towards what is calling from outside. Not a production of works but of what is at work in it, the street sprayed with graffiti exudes the excesses and uncertainties of adolescence by inserting into actuality the figures of an archaistic drive that can be sublimated.

Olivier Douville : “ move to the outskirts of the town ” or when time folds in upon space

The author focuses on articulations between urban space and psychical space. Using a clinical experience and research about adolescents wandering in two big African cities (Dakar and Bamako), he attempts a topological exploration of the subjective individual and group impact of places (suburban housing projects) and the speech life that is in play in them. This leads to considerations on graffiti and drug use.