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Martin Bakero Carrasco, Éric Bidaud: Name, act and creation .

Starting with the question, « by virtue of what does an adolescent crisis of the body exist? », this article proposes to play with the notions of space, of watching, and of the creation of a name. Internet, as mirror and space for circulating profiles and images, translates the journey of the trial to inscribe the destiny of new figures of the Name of the Father. This journey involves the risk of initiating a counter culture movement, and of the adolescent becoming the Father of the Name through the effects of his or her creation

Adolescence, 2016, 34, 2, 333-345.

Sarah L. Fraser, Annie Jaimes, Ghayda Hassan, Lucie Nadeau, Rebecca Kasudluak: space in a residence pour inuit youth

Around 30% of the Inuits of Nunavik (Quebec) are reported to Child Protective Services. In 2010, a Residence was developed specifically for these youngsters in order to respond to their clinical and cultural needs. The objective of the present study is to explore how youths use this residential space. The results suggest that, on the one hand, the residence constitutes a “permeable institution”, allowing a certain continuity in the youngsters, despites the many ruptures they’ve experienced, while, on the other hand, the young people who are marginalized in general have a tendency to gravitate towards relationships and towards the center when they have the space in which to do this.

Adolescence, 2014, 32, 3, 541-554.

Anne Tassel : graffiti street

By exhibiting his locomotive trail, the graffiti artist invents a city for himself where his identity fantasies unfurl; thanks to these, he hopes to integrate his relation with others by making himself the object of his own practice. Then the street is no longer divided up into “ territories ”, but into moments of history, pieces of time, allowing the singularities that are being tried out to veer towards what is calling from outside. Not a production of works but of what is at work in it, the street sprayed with graffiti exudes the excesses and uncertainties of adolescence by inserting into actuality the figures of an archaistic drive that can be sublimated.