Archives par mot-clé : Negative hallucination

Jean-Paul Matot: negative hallucination and loss of the sense of reality

Based on therapeutic difficulties encountered in the treatment of an episode of depersonalization-derealization in a seventeen year-old adolescent, the author will develop several hypotheses about the place, origin and effects of negative hallucination in adolescent psychotic emergence.

Adolescence, 2015, 33, 4, 849-857.

Claude Savinaud : the “ rock of femininity ” as a stumbling block for adolescent sexuality

Sexual abuse in the family setting of some adolescent authors seems to demonstrate a problem in distinguishing what there is of femininity in the maternal object. Here we try to study this factor specifically :
– The act corresponds to a “ release ” of the protection ensured by the maternal imago and/or a higher bid to appropriate the adolescent’s body or mind as an enjoying or distressing object.
– The act responds to a hole in symbolic ideas defined by the law, this hole concerns the “ biological rock ” of castration, of which sexual difference is a calling signal.