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François Marty: pierre rivière: an adolescent violence?

Analyzing the case of a matricidal adolescent, the author envisions the passage to the criminal act as an impasse in the pubertary process. A study of history and of laws pertaining to minors gives a better idea of how theories of psychopathology have evolved towards a theory of pubertary psychosis. By weaving together the history of law, of the penal system and of psychiatry, the author offers a reading of the psychical fact that extends to the wider context in which it appears.

Adolescence, 2019, 37, 2, 289-312.

Elizabeth Kaluaratchige : the « mother » tongue ; exile and the adolescent girl

This article deals with the issue of the « mother » tongue of the female child in exile and her bond with the mother during the pubertary process. This is a theoretical and clinical rereading of the case of an adolescent girl who spoke of the loss of her « momma » tongue in relation to the clinical work.

Adolescence, 2014, 32, 1, 139-149.

Myriam Boubli, Brigitte Efrat-Boubli : parenthood : a process fostering psychic growth beyond the confusion of tongues

The notion of « parenthood » is seen here as a mostly unconscious process, beginning in archaic and primordial foundations and ending in the establishment of social bonding. While avoiding the risk of a parasitic bonding system, « parenthood » allows for the development of interrelations between partners, the Oedipal triangulation and the construction of a sexual identity. In addition, at its most organized level, through sublimation, this process fosters socialization and creativity.