Archives par mot-clé : Confusion of tongues

Michaël Stora, Nathalie Enkelaar: (a)social networks and identity construction interview with Michaël Stora

N. Enkelaar interviews M. Stora, specialist of virtual worlds, about the role social networks in identity construction, using as a starting point the book Réseaux (a)sociaux, published in 2021. This leads to a dialogue about the ideals conveyed by these networks, their paradoxes and the way in which they encounter adolescent issues. Social networks serve as both a support and a prison for the adolescent in the making, and their many facets are explored here.

Adolescence, 2022, 40, 2, 259-269.

Myriam Boubli, Brigitte Efrat-Boubli : parenthood : a process fostering psychic growth beyond the confusion of tongues

The notion of « parenthood » is seen here as a mostly unconscious process, beginning in archaic and primordial foundations and ending in the establishment of social bonding. While avoiding the risk of a parasitic bonding system, « parenthood » allows for the development of interrelations between partners, the Oedipal triangulation and the construction of a sexual identity. In addition, at its most organized level, through sublimation, this process fosters socialization and creativity.