Archives par mot-clé : Indifferentiation

Florian Houssier: incestual destructiveness and complicity in a case of parricide

Using an account of the mother of a parricidal adolescent, we offer several hypotheses about the most salient aspects of unconscious motives for murder. The parent-child link that has been tainted by incestuality is a source of indifferentiation and confusion of oneself with objects, giving rise to a feeling of melanchogenic impersonalization, a source of violence. In this context, murder also appears as an attempt to “make an origin” within a troubled transgenerational context.

Adolescence, 2015, 33, 2, 355-365.

Manon Rivière, Marion Haza : From Twinship Fantasy to Anorexia Nervosa: Psychopathology of the Double

Using the individual psychotherapeutic treatment of a thirteen year-old patient, Clementine<i></i>, we will explore the possible repercussions of a sisterly bond that is too strong, and how it may sometimes prove a hindrance to the separation/individuation process. Carried to an extreme in the fantasy of twinship, it leads to an Ego with vague contours, and the pursuit of a relation that may be harmful to a subject with fragile narcissism. There is lack of differentiation between bodies and psyches. Anorexia will burst this specular bubble when only one of the subjects reaches physiological puberty. Clinical interviews in the space for physical and psychic separation the hospital setting provides shed light on the issues and the limits of the establishment of subjectivation work.

Adolescence, T. 31 n°1, pp. 27-36.