Archives par mot-clé : Incestuality

Claude Monneret: pornography and the deferred action of the Oedipus complex

I will discuss the treatment of two adolescents presenting a heightened oedipal crisis linked to early disturbances in the relation with the primal object, and for whom the use of pornographic representations and practices is a defense against the traumatic threat of incestuous attraction to the mother and against the genital relation, which brings issues of the relation with another person. This regressive, defensive sexuality touches many adolescents to different degrees at the onset of the crisis of adolescence.

Adolescence, 2019, 37, 1, 59-70.

Florian Houssier: incestual destructiveness and complicity in a case of parricide

Using an account of the mother of a parricidal adolescent, we offer several hypotheses about the most salient aspects of unconscious motives for murder. The parent-child link that has been tainted by incestuality is a source of indifferentiation and confusion of oneself with objects, giving rise to a feeling of melanchogenic impersonalization, a source of violence. In this context, murder also appears as an attempt to “make an origin” within a troubled transgenerational context.

Adolescence, 2015, 33, 2, 355-365.