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Colette Lhomme-Rigaud : crypts in bulimia : in search of the lost bond

Through the case of a bulimic patient, the author aims to pinpoint the presence of crypts, in both the maternal and the paternal lines. Recourse to an external fetishistic object was necessary to prevent narcissistic drift : already sketched out in the early stages of infancy, it was provoked by the mediocrity of the establishment of the object bond.

Isée Bernateau : sylvie, or how to separate from the dead ?

The traumatic death of a member of her family seems to have thrown Sylvie, a teenage girl cared for in a day hospital, into an exclusive concern for the dead. However, this lack of separation from the dead is not the sign of a mourning process in progress, nor of a melancholic bond with an object already lost. It bears witness to a cryptic inclusion of a traumatic loss unelaborated by the former generation. This inclusion generates an incestual bond in the family, which Sylvie tries to process through her obsessive questionings about the dead.