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VALLEUR M., JERÔME É. : Addictions and the ordalic metaphor 

The concept of ordalic behaviour, as a bridge across several disciplines in the field,of human sciences, is from its origins inscribed within a continuity of a descriptive, clinical, phenomenological approach of toxicomania. Not offering any explicative pattern, it yet offers a new angle liable to cast a light, and bee applied onto several kinds of high risk behaviours with adolescents. A pattern for addictions (in both the current and North-American broader sense of the word) may however be sketched while taking into account the opposition between two facets of such behaviours : on the one hand, dependency as loss of meaning, sometimes even a desubjectivazion, on the other, ordalic behaviour as an ultimate quest for a new meaning within the closeness of risk of dying in the same way as transgression may be a quest for limits. 

Colette Lhomme-Rigaud : crypts in bulimia : in search of the lost bond

Through the case of a bulimic patient, the author aims to pinpoint the presence of crypts, in both the maternal and the paternal lines. Recourse to an external fetishistic object was necessary to prevent narcissistic drift : already sketched out in the early stages of infancy, it was provoked by the mediocrity of the establishment of the object bond.