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Estelle Louët: yesterday, i killed my father

When the parricidal fantasy leads to a homicidal passage to the act, even an unsuccessful one, what are we to think about the obstacles to the psychic processing of excitation, which is particularly intense in adolescence? Using the projective tests of Alban, the author offers an analysis focusing on two axes, that of anality and that of perversion. It reveals that the moorings of anality are not structuring and that the capacities for drive-binding have been overloaded by the intensity of incestuous and murderous wishes. This leads to the passage to the act, which is equivalent to an attempt to “kill” the excitation.

Adolescence, 2022, 40, 1, 97-108.

Gérard Bonnet : the distant echo of the pubertaire big-bang as an analysis approaches its end

Agnès, who is in her fifties, is thinking about ending her analysis, but would like to understand why deep inside she still has the contradictory impression of being a victim, all the while feeling terribly guilty. Then she has a dream wherein she replays the way she experienced her puberty. The analysis of this dream, and of another, focused on separation, leads her perceive that she had a bad experience of this crucial moment because of her excessive attachment to her mother and because she shut herself up inside her contradictions.