Christian Mille, Daniel Sibertin-Blanc : from « the adolescent not fit for consumption » to « unconsumated adolescence »

Such a title, which is enigmatic to say the least, requires us to resort to a dictionary in order to draw out some possible meanings. On the basis of the different definitions suggested, some lines of reflection open up for therapists trying, sometimes in vain, to attract adolescents to their « merchandise » and make them loyal customers. There is a clinical expression, « the adolescent not for consumption », or who is at least viewed as such by those close to him, and who removes himself from all forms of psychotherapeutic appetence addressed to him. The fantasy of consumable subject/object which underlies this strategy of avoidance warrants investigation. In the most worrisome situations, this fantasy will betray an adolescent who is not fit for consumption on account of his refusal of the sexually differentiated body or of becoming an adult. The ultimate question is that of what therapeutic setting can be tolerated by an adolescent in this register.

Adolescence, 2008, T. 26, n°4, pp. 861-876.