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Joëlle Bordet: the figures of hate and young people from working class neighborhoods

Referring to ideas about democratic inspiration in adolescence developed with Ph. Gutton, we will analyze the dynamics of anger in adolescence and its crystallization into hatred in some youths or “former” youths from working class neighborhoods. We will see how this hate can become an instrument of clientelism or fundamentalism.

Adolescence, 2015, 33, 2, 417-427.

Joëlle Bordet : modes of socialization of adolescents in low income urban housing projects and their relationship with legality

This article aims to retrace the evolution since the eighties of the relationship between youths and the economy of the drug trade and to analyze their influence on their modes of socialization. With reference to these analyses, we identify education issues, in relation to the youths themselves, their families and the professionals who have daily contact with them.