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Magali Moisy :  en-jeux

When working with teenagers, the association “ en-Jeux ” (its name plays on the two meanings “ game on ” and “ at stake ”) gives priority to virtual reality games. For these constantly evolving subjects the world of video games encourages a journey of self-discovery and the discovery of others. The young players move from a solitary use of the games to a more collective use, in a more social setting. However, achieving this aim involves an adult contribution to the adolescents, and technical supports are essential. Thus, video games become tools of understanding the way the psyche works and, used on line, they are an excellent way to acquire new technical an inter-personal skills. At en-Jeux, virtual reality games bring out the hidden potential in adolescents.

Joëlle Bordet : modes of socialization of adolescents in low income urban housing projects and their relationship with legality

This article aims to retrace the evolution since the eighties of the relationship between youths and the economy of the drug trade and to analyze their influence on their modes of socialization. With reference to these analyses, we identify education issues, in relation to the youths themselves, their families and the professionals who have daily contact with them.