Archives par mot-clé : Sexual differentiation

Stéphanie Pechikoff: looking at trans identities through the prism of adolescence

Current trans events should be connected with aspects of the societal evolution of western civilization’s models; this reveals their political dimension. Adolescents, as figures of modernity, are particularly apt to embody trans identity questionings. By bringing these into conflict with the subjectivation process proper to this time of life, they lead us to rethink our way of reading gendered identities, along with the binary logic on which sexual differentiation is based.

Adolescence, 2023, 41, 2, 325-337.

André Brousselle : Masculine Masochism and Feminine Masochism in Adolescence

Masochism is studied here in its identity-forming, and thus sexually-differentiated, aim. Viewed as other ways of being a man or a woman, the masculin(izing) masochism of the woman and the femin(izing) masochism of the man emerge from paradox and stand out clearly at crucial times of life: thus in adolescence, masochism is often a mandatory passage on the way to sexual differentiation, sometimes taking the form of initiation, savage or cultural.