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Philippe Gutton : the virtual and its conducts

The pubertaire Virtual (with a capital “ V ”) would be a formulation of the Lacanian real, at the moment of the metamorphosis of puberty. The virtual conducts of adolescents could avoid it, with certain risks, while at the same time aiming for this deep aspiration. Distractions, they reflect an alienation through the image and its techniques, but one from which a work of subjectivation may nevertheless be expected. The false may prove helpful in the quest for what is true.

Frédéric Lefevere, Thierry Rochet : between play and dream : balneotherapy as a psychotherapy for adolescents

Once considered a body instance, this instance is very often seen as being endangered by the pubescent process. Inversely, we wish to show how mediated therapies, and in particular balneotherapy, are especially relevant during adolescence, in helping to restore this instance, which, thanks to the psychotherapeutic process, can recover its status as a vector of figuration.

Anousheh Machouf, Marie-France Gauthier, Tomas Sierra, Cécile Rousseau : telling stories about play and playing about history as a way of building an identity

The Transcultural Research and Intervention Team (ERIT) has developed an in-school preventative intervention for immigrant and refugee youths. It is composed of a program of creative expression workshops called Théâtre-Pluralité and uses social and theatrical play to help young people navigate among their multiple feelings of belonging and to elaborate their past and present experiences. The goal of the workshops is to facilitate the reappropriation and sharing of the personal and group histories of these adolescents.

Adolescence, 2013, T. 31, n°3, pp. 551-563.