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philippe gutton : a metamorphosis is coming to an end

he beginning of adulthood is stressed by the capacity of the fantasy and desire of having a child and the art of becoming a parent. The adolescent able of betting a child represses or denies the incestuous representations on the edge liable to be associated to them. The author ponders, within such a background, over the pathological behaviours which such an approach is liable to lead to at adolescence.

Christian Seulin: modifications of the phallic symbol in adolescence

The adolescent subject is confronted with the integration of his genital sexual identity and his future adulthood among other adults. These changes do not occur without reorganization of the phallic symbol, sign of narcissistic completness with the corporal supports referring to the total body and the penis. At the same time as the evolution of the phallic symbol, a revision of the ideals which are associated with it, are being reworked. The difficulties encountered are accompanied by defensive movements, homoerotic in particular, liable to be fixated. The models of identification offered to the young subject by adults have an important influence on his future.