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Olivier Douville : attacks against the body, or return to the gesture

A clinical treatment of adolescent self-mutilation is possible as long as the adolescent is posited as being in a phenomenal crisis between two bodies. Not only between the child’s body and the adult body, but above all between the body of the partial drives and the phallicized body. The scene of the origins of the human body is psychically re-found and recreated at this moment. The author bets that a reading of the exchanges between Caillois and Bataille will give a glimpse of the adolescent tension in its subjectivation of the corporal.

Jean-Michel Hirt : love-wounds

Exploring love means facing up to the wounds it inflicts ; it means taking into consideration its cruelty as well as its tenderness and sensuality. Its possible consequence, sexual pleasure, will be looked here from the perspective of psychical reality, and the expression the this reality confers upon it in the Christian religion

Adolescence, 2013, T. 31, n°4, pp. 873-884.