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Jean-Marie Firdion : risk of suicide in youngsters with unconventional sexual orientation

Making a synthesis from a recent report, the author presents the hypothesis of an association between suicide attempt, or suicide, among youths and homosexual or bisexual orientation. The consonant findings of North-American epidemiological works, published last years, emphasize the fact that homosexuality, per se, is not a direct causal factor in suicidality among youths. Nonetheless, homosexual or bisexual orientation are factors that increase the risk of suicidal behaviors (with a significant effect). This phenomenon could be related to homophobia and heterosexism, still present in our societies. These conclusions have a strong effect on prevention programs and policies directed to youths. The American research results underscore the need for collecting and analyzing such data in France.

Marie Choquet, Michel Askevis : who are the adolescent runaways ?

In an epidemiological study within a general school population, 450 youngsters in public secondary school who describe themselves as runaways were compared to 11,734 youngsters who had not run away from home.
Running away from home is associated with “ psychical malaise ” and with violence, both endured and enacted; the runaway is suicide-prone, violent, delinquent ; he abuses both legal and illegal substances. The runaway seeks help and consultation, and it is necessary to find multi-focus treatments when faced with the diversity of manifestations : running away, suicide attempts, delinquency, and legal and illegal substance abuse.