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Thomas Lepoutre: freud becoming freud

How did Freud become Freud? Studying Freud étudiant (Freud the student), this article examines a previously unseen portrait of psychoanalysis’ founder, unearthed by meticulous biographical research that is constantly alert to the adolescent underneath the psychoanalyst. A discussion of the results of this “biographical challenge,” which traces within Freud the adolescent who came before him, raises the question: “is the adolescence ofFreud truly enough to explain adolescence forFreud?

Adolescence, 2019, 37, 2, 453-473.

Pascale Baligand: Writing and adolescent sensoriality: Virginia Woolf’s the waves.

In this article, the author uses Virginia Woolf’s novel The Waves to explore the place of sensoriality in adolescence. By putting into perspective the particular qualities of Virgina Woolf’s writing, which has been characterized as sensorial, the article will try to shed light on the links between sensoriality, continuity of being, and the redeployments of identification and subjectivation of loss in adolescence, especially as seen in the relations between the protagonists and the key character of Perceval.

Adolescence, 2016, 34, 3, 651-661.