Archives par mot-clé : Belief

Vincent Cornalba: investing, between fidelity and break-up

The author, using a particular kind of recourse to ideology, recalls the importance of the process of re-investment in adolescence and investigates the specific dynamic it maintains in the subject, between binding and unbinding. This approach aims to highlight the issues of the responder function and the risks to the adolescent when this responder is missing or cannot meet the challenges of the process of subjectivation.

Adolescence, 2018, 36, 2, 305-317.

Bernard Bensidoun: from the voyage of ulysses to the voyage of œdipus. on dreams of youth

Using two dreams of youth, those of H. Scliemann and of S. Freud, the author proposes to explore the nature of these and their role in the adolescent psyche, pointing out their link with the object’s flaws and the value of illusion during the period of adolescence.

Adolescence, 2015, 33, 1, 87-97.

Serge Tisseron : how to help adolescents not to be duped by images

The tendency to believe in images is fundamental to psychical life. However, images – especially violent ones – can suggest models, but are by themselves unable to impose the desire to correspond to them. They are most often sought for their power of figuring, as much in the domain of body states and archaic imagery as of day-to-day emotions that are sometimes difficult to represent.
Adolescents spontaneously use three complementary means of managing the malaise provoked in them by violent images : language, interior representations and corporal representations. These three means are the key to education with images.

Philippe Gutton : suffering … to believe in oneself

Self-mutilation would be a belief device which coats a great difficulty in believing in one’s own subjectal construction. A simple device, if it aims to play out sadomasochistic scenarios according to an hysterical model. A more complex one when it fulfills a transitory fetishistic mission. These behaviors have a dramatic effect on the narcissistic collapses of puberty.

Véronique Donard, Eric Simar : video gods. of the adolescent spiritual dimension in video games

RPG and MMORPG-type video games offer adolescents the opportunity to redynamize their belief processes, which have been blocked by archaic conflicts reactivated in puberty. They seem to help soothe the depressive affect proper to the pubertary through an manic investment of the virtual universe ; this enables the adolescent to invent a grandiose self, and to work at reconstructing a self that is grieving for childhood.

Adolescence, 2013, T. 31, n°4, pp. 815-821.