Philippe Gutton : Homosexual process at puberty

After having studied the discovery of the homosexuality of Mishima in The Confession of a Masque, the author reviews the development of human sexuality in its two stages. He then distinguishes the homosexuality, at puberty, involved in the clinical process of breakdown and those he considers ordinary (or neurotic) which especially engage his writing. He questions the theory of the experienced complementarity of the sexes and studies the concept of contingency of the partial and complete object. The genital choice has less to do with the erotic than with mastery. The flexibility of pubertal transactions entwines homo and heterosexuality in such a way that the author wonders if one’s subsequent choice is determined by one’s capacity to integrate (either in a better or worse way) the sado-masochistic investments. The theory is explained by clinical examples. It takes into account the present day evolution of the ideas concerning sexual minorities