Jean Bergeret: « homosexuality or « homoerotism » in adolescence »

The notion of « homoerotism » in adolescence since Ferenczi corresponds to the passageby an intermediate stage, still narcissistic and aiming at an object represented ideally in a specular and attractive way. This stage ensures the integration of libidinal autoerotic satisfactions from the distant past and a set of later narcissistic fixations (second chilhood period and latence) at the heart of the libidinal current, truly sexual and object oriented now, which thus, should organize, and in an ideally complete and definitive way, the organizational primacy of the adult personality.
One can therefore consider that only those subjects would be entitled to a status of truly homosexual if they have benefitted from (at the most advanced moment of their affective evolution, therefore after adolescence) , the possibility of reaching a level of elaboration and overall organization of the personality both considered under the genital primacy but which following subsequent severe affective crises, would have undergone serious functional regressions, bringing them back to a mode already gone beyond, to a narcissistic relation aimed at representations of mirror likenesses.
The author then stresses three distinct varieties of homosexualis: of a functional transitory nature, that involved in the narcissistic pathology and finally that affirming a psychotic position.