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After a severe post-traumatic anorexia, Imane, aged seventeen, started an analytical psychotherapy in an institution, the beginning of was chaotic. A dream featuring a fantasy of ingestion of maternal black milk helped start a mutation. The transfer acted as support to the setting in motion and the elaboration of several identifications with the aggressor.

Philippe Bessoles : état post-traumatique et facteurs de résilience

The notion of resiliency appears heuristic about post traumatic pathologies studies. Borrowed to physical sciences epistemology as resistance of metal about shocks, we propose to think resiliency process in clinical psychopathology as psychics organiser able to promote the representation of traumatism.
The resiliency capacity apprehends in logical of psychic economy placed at the convergence of objectal investments, primary psychics envelopment’s and psychosensorial inscription of traumatic experience.
The promotion of sensorial organisation perenity seems the basal form of resiliency process before his fantasmatic scene. The psychic trauma may be thought as an equivalent of original scene where the suffering is not enough the sign of aneantissement but the reparation of formal envelopes of bind objet/subject. The caducity of traumatic experiment supplants real excess, which sudden stroke the victim person. These necessary passage of sensibility translate a lestage of psychic crossing previous to a work of the thinking of traumatism.

Yves Morhain, Emilie Morhain : adolescent creation

The creative work is at the center of the operation teenager, marked by the encounter with the opposite sex, the confrontation with the limits and narcissistic discomfort, but also disillusionment resulting from the promises and hopes childhood. This profound change opens the way for the creative act or creation. Emergence of originality, intense expression, the pursuit of ideals, exploring systems of thought, production of new cultural objects, care for staging, are characteristic lines of the artistic creation which meet in the process of creation of one that is the adolescence. The act of creation he would return to the process of adolescence as a paradigm of creative crisis ? Is it specific portion adolescent in order to bring the concerns and distractions of this period of life ?

Adolescence, 2011, T. 29 n°1, pp. 87-111.