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Geoffroy Willo, Sylvain Missonnier : cybernetic « emergence », an operator of the transference in psychosis

This article recalls the main steps of a « psychotherapy by virtual » of a young psychotic teenager. In this article, we will see how the use of a computer game proves to be a vector of a first transference address from the psychotic to the clinician.
Therefore, the virtual will be studied through the magnifying glass of the pathology, revealing a function of « emergence » specific to cybernetics.
This function is triple. Firstly, this contingency loads the emergence promises, allowing the user to expect from the machine anything but, and much more than, it is able to deliver. Secondly, this emergence gives the machine the appearance of autonomy, which helps the patient to delude himself into not considering himself as the origin of his representations. Lastly, this generator of representations enables the symptom by giving it a form, thus processing what Freud called a « force of healing drive » preparing the way for a transference relation

Adolescence, 2012, 30, 1, 179-189

Marion Haza : the « mystical animal ». puberty entrance and psychotherapy*

The instinct peculiar to puberty acts in the therapy, in a brutal, harsh and unsymbolized way. The acting out is generated by the emergence of new instinctual feelings, still not elaborated nor integrated to the Self. The creative ability of the adolescent, carried on by the clinician, enables to sublimate the puberty violence and find a way of clearing other than instinctual or sexual. Here, it is the « Mystical Animal » which will come and symbolize the entrance to puberty and its investments.

revue Adolescence, 2011, T. 29 n°4, pp. 747-763.