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Laurence Manzano, Marie Rose Moro : make-up workshop

This article describes an original way of mediation that was used in a « Maison des Adolescents » : cosmetics. The workshop is lead by a professional socio-beautician together with a caregiver (nurse or educator) in a healthcare team. The beauty therapist evaluates every one of the adolescents’ requests and then offers them cosmetic procedures in line with what they wish, ask for or want to try. They thus learn to take care of themselves, of their desires, their beauty and their bodies. Everything that is experienced by the teenagers is then included in the therapeutic setting. This activity is very sought after by adolescents and causes great changes in the way that the teenagers view and represent themselves.

Martine Kagan, Eugénie de Mortemart, Maryline Bellieud-Vigouroux, Marie Rose Moro : world of mirrors

We will present here a therapeutic workshop that uses clothing as a means of mediation. This workshop, headed by an educator and a stylist working in a « Maison des Adolescents », enables work on the body image and its distortions, on self-esteem, on the body envelope and on adolescent body preoccupations. This workshop is both a place for meeting as well as sharing experiences on the subject of being and appearance.