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Sophie Vust, Luc Michel : adolescence, eating disorders and the therapeutic group

Numerous requests for consultation for atypical eating disorders in an adolescent healthcare consultation have lead to a reflection on this « new » psychopathology, as well as a suggestion for the treatment within a therapeutic group of analytic inspiration. The question of dependence and of self-reinforcement of these troubles is dealt with, as well as the necessary readjustment of the therapeutic setting to fit both the adolescents and the symptom.

Stéphane Grisi : an evening at the opera

The article traces the participation of five teenagers in an ambulatory therapeutic program over the course of eighteen months. This treatment program combines several therapeutic groups which open up spaces for narration, beginning with an initial experience of cultural mediation. Accompanying and prolonging the production of a Contemporary Opera Music, the organization of narratives increases the potential for the process of symbolization.

Adolescence, 2009, T. 27, n°4, pp. 1019-1026.