Archives par mot-clé : Social media

Simruy Ikiz, Florian Houssier : regression and hate in the peer group

The authors study the extent to which violence can be facilitated by social media that promote an ideal community where the members are linked by a bond of love, and differences and aggression are actively denied. Social networks in themselves are not considered as a source of psychic conflicts; rather, the authors study the regression effect that they can induce in adolescents.

Adolescence, 2022, 40, 2, 337-347.

Marion Haza-Pery : psychosexuality of porn and #porn on social media

Since the dawn of the digital, classic representations of sexuality have been displaced on the web. Porn has thus appeared, with its increasingly trafficked images. Children and adolescents are confronted with these unfiltered, sometimes traumatic images. How do social media deal with these images in order to protect them? In what ways has porn evolved? What is one to think about the emergence of #porn on social media, as it relates to entry into the adult world?

Adolescence, 2022, 40, 2, 281-293.

Vincent Papot, Marion Haza: the adolescent’s “trash” images on social media: suffering or pubertary rite of passage?

Thanks to social media, the adolescent is experimenting with his relation to others and himself. Sometimes these expressions of identity through images go too far. Even though the content shared by adolescents may shock, hypothesizing that this is all “deviance” has its limits. On the Internet, what differentiates psychical suffering from a typical adolescent posting would be the young person’s ability to inscribe him or herself afterwards between narcissistic and objectal, within a desire for “extimacy.”

Adolescence, 2016, 34, 4, 843-852.