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Stéphanie Claudel, Philippe Claudon: being the sibling of an autistic person

The authors offer some reflections on the experience of autistic persons’ siblings, and explores the mark the autistic context leaves on the process of subjectivation in adolescence. The analysis focuses on the structuration of body image and on the evolution of narcissistic and objectal investments in relation to the potential for subjective differentiation from the family environment. We will conclude by presenting some suggestions for further research and ideas about prevention.

Adolescence, 2015, 33, 2, 429-437.

Sophie Turcat : almodovar in search of a fraternal phallic penis

While homosexuality among siblings remains one of the last taboo subjects of clinical literature, the work of Almodovar would be a good illustration of it. Between homoeroticism, autoeroticism, incestuous attraction and the fraternal double, the filmmaker artistically tries to solve his own problems, while helping his male characters to conquer the phallic penis that women can so readily adapt themselves to in his universe. An analysis of “ Talk with her ” makes it possible to learn something of Almoldovar’s fantasises of. By lifting its modest veil we can perhaps better understand his view of a subject which is normally kept under silence.

Sophie Turcat : The Bad Upbringing of the Father

Following the extended analysis carried out previously in Talk to her, Pedro Almodovar has furthered the expression of his fraternal fantasies, offering for the first time in The bad education some concrete and autobiographical elements of their origins. He finally gives a powerful place to the male phallic characters and manages to eliminate the female ones almost completely.