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Lydia Ewanzo, Johann Jung: self-effacement and subjective appropriation

This article explores the issue of self-effacement in adolescence and what it means for the process of subjective appropriation, using an original treatment framework centered on the “drawn narrative”. Clinical work undertaken with a young adolescent girl suffering from narcissistic and identity problems helps us to see how self-effacement contributes to the reorganization of reflective capacities and to re-establishment of the preconditions for subjectivation, supported by the mirror function of the medium and of the therapist.

Adolescence, 2023, 41, 2, 463-476.

Valérie Boucherat-hue: Pubertary self-harm

In an older adolescent with psychosomatic symptoms, the autosadistic symptom of trichotrillomania brings together deficiencies in the Body-ego and its attempts at autoerotic appropriation. These repeated traumatophiliac wounds are a survival method maintaining the excitation of a disavowed maternal absence whose memory traces infiltrate the memory of the sick body. What is at stake in the therapy is the revisiting, in the transference, of the homo- function and primitive auto-reflection.

Adolescence, 2016, 34, 3, 587-596.