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Raymond Cahn, Nicole Taieb-Flicstein: the outcome of psychoanalytic treatments at adolescence

From the personal experience of the author, the several outcomes of psychoanalytic treatments at adolescence (from the breakdown to the working-through of their termination) are here examined with reference to the specificity of their criteria and modalities according to that age.
Rather than authentic ends of treatments, what is to be elaborated is the liability of giving the experience of treatment the quality of a good-enough experience within a difference accepted by both partners. Thus the possibility of a return, however uncertain it may be, towards a time and place which the youth will have made his.


Jean-Jacques Rassial: lacanian positions on adolecence, yesterday and to day

Lacan never isolated adolescence as a concept as such.
Only for the past few years did some of his followers start some new pondering over the metapsychological status of adolescence. The creation of the Institute of Psychoanalysis of Adolescence, i.e. ÇÊLe BachelierÊÈ, evidences their demands for a theoretical approach of adolescence and for the necessary training of such analysts.