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Henri Flavigny : psychiatric emergencies and/or crisis centers ?

In order to respond adequately and quickly to teenagers’ behavioral troubles, not only the way of acting, but most of all the meaning of what we do must be considered.

Indeed, it is the meaning which forces the responders to keep at their disposal a variety of solutions : non-psychiatric, non-medical « crisis centers » are some of these ; they should be organized at social and community level. Others responses are « Psychiatric Emergency Units ». However, these structures should not work on their own, but must be linked with all the units of a « Psychiatric Intersector ».

If our urgency answers respect the meaning of the adolescent’s question asked by his behavioral troubles, they can be efficient, and the crisis times can represent a positive contribution to his evolution.

Adolescence, 2011, T. 29 n° 3, pp. 627-636.