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Alain Juranville : the other, sex, and philosophical knowledge

Here we discuss, in the name of psychoanalysis, the conception of alterity in the work of Emmanuel Lévinas and highlight what is definitive in it. We situate ourselves not with regard to psychoanalysis, but with regard to philosophy when it takes up the fundamental hypothesis (the unconscious). We show how, for alterity itself, the affirmation of philosophical knowledge, but of a knowledge that heralds the unconscious, and its reality, sex, becomes essential. It then appears that any truth contained in three revelations – Christian, Jewish and Moslem – must come from this knowledge.

Rémy Potier : truth and illusion of crossover approaches between psychoanalysis et neurosciences. an interview with Roland Gori

Crossover approaches between neurosciences and psychoanalysis are receiving more and more methodological support. For this issue of the revue Adolescence, Rémy Potier interviews Roland Gori on the heuristics of this new research. Conceptual rigor often seems lacking in these approaches, which do not pay sufficient attention to the polysemy of concepts or to socio-historical issues.

Adolescence, 2011, T. 29 n° 3, pp. 531-544.