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Sylvie Saudan-Henny : to the words’ core, west of the su*

Justine is a teenager who presents a limited functioning, her main symptoms being provoked and repeated vomiting. She ejects food as she evacuates thought. She invests acts by getting rid of intern tension. The outbreak of sexuality reinforces the impossibility to invest a passive position as if she was reactivating the original time of seduction. The author describes the difficulty to find her position in the psychotherapeutic area, considering the failure of the patient’s psychic staging. First condemned to expulsion, and searching to counter her experience of passivity, she evokes the dangerous ordeal that represents the melancholic approach of otherness’ recognition toward the object in the intern traces left by it.

revue Adolescence, 2011, T. 29 n°4, pp. 875-893.