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The body is central during adolescence. This is exposed in ordal problematics (ordal judgement), pushing as far as flirting with death. The body which is put on play reveals the history of traumatic traces and the remains of having experienced ambiguity. The analysis of these residue-traces highlights the screen of a life-death fantasy that structures and organizes the psychic organisation of these people. The nature of this phantasm is of primal essence and breaks down into two major forms : a phantasm of monoengendrement, a phantasm of returning to the womb.

Bernard Duez, Richard Durastante : on paranoia during adolescence. projection or diffraction, between foreclosure and the bond of incompatibility

This article tries to make a distinction between paranoid elements in adolescence and authentic paranoia. It opposes diffraction and projection in order to differentiate the paranoid elements from paranoiac psychosis. It shows how the physical indexes of sexual maturity infer a return of the « originary » and a new interpretation of the primal bonds. According to this interpretation by the psychic environment, the teenager can build new demarcations between intrapsychic, intersubjective, intimacy and otherness. These interpretations enable the teenager to conquer a new intimacy through the bond of incompatibility

Adolescence, 2008, T. 26, n°3, pp. 597-611.