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Dominique Reniers, Serge Lesourd : originary fantasies and adolescent re-veiling

The concept of originary fantasy was not really theoretically developed in Freud’s work. However, these originary fantasies hold considerable interest insofar as they are an instance of the original real. Analytical literature shows that they are often confused with childhood sexual theories. Here it is a matter of grasping the particular value in what, in adolescence, is marked by the reactualization of a primordial enjoyment, that of the flesh which is outside of phallic law. Such an analysis leads to an investigation of adolescent hystericization in the two paths of sexual differentiation founded by it, which are supported precisely by an originary fantasmatic dimension oriented towards the containment for the girl, and towards the protest against the Other’s demand in the boy.

revue Adolescence, 2011, T. 29 n°4, pp. 819-841.