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Alain Vanier: Revisiting adolescence.

Returning with D. W. Winnicott and J. Lacan to the question of adolescence as a social as well as subjective phenomenon, this paper seeks to identify what is at stake during this period, namely a new articulation of jouissance and the body based on the three figures of “the paternal metaphor”, that is to say from the Oedipal scenario.

Adolescence, 2016, 34, 2,251-260.

Véronique Dufour, Serge Lesourd : scarifications, traces of nothing

Using their work with an adolescent girl who scarifies herself, the authors suggest that passages to the act involving the body be read as an attempt, differentiated by practice, to construct an object of desire. The scarifications carry out this operation by means of cutting, while piercing sustains it through drive excitation, which translates a differentiated relation between the subject and the Other.

Gérard Bonnet : The gaze, Harbinger of the Enigma

Only for the past half century or so have philosophy and the human sciences considered the gaze in itself and studied its presence and action in current life and in history. Using recent research by historians of mentalities, the author follows step by step the way in which this emergence occurs, in order to highlight the specific character of the corresponding Freudian notion.
Afterwards he imagines how psychoanalysis has gradually come to locate the gaze among the objects that govern our unconscious life. Sometimes confused with the sex, the instance of the superego or guardian, or with a partial object, it should rather be defined as a herald of the enigmatic message, condensing the sexual core of the message and impelling the subject to embody it in one way or another.