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François Richard : parenthood, a debatable notion

This article tries to show that the notion of parenthood emerges in the context of an historical evolution where the social bond tends to reproduce itself, beyond traditional kinship systems. This should be brought seriously into the discussion, insofar as the psychoanalytical concept of drive conflict and the centrality of interpreting the transference are in danger of being forgotten. The first part describes the current modes of « culture and its discontents ». Afterwards, we will study some avatars of borderline subjectivation who rationalize themselves within a discourse on parenthood. In conclusion, parenthood and kinship are put into a dialectical relationship by being put into anthropological perspective.

Philippe Gutton : parenthood

The concept of parenthood is distinguished from that of kinship as studied by doctors and anthropologists. It defines an original psychical work that the author posits as a creative process. The experience of parenthood is developed as the primary narcissism from an archaic, enigmatic un-creatable, in order to engage in Oedipal conflict ; a creation in which filiation and affiliation are in play. Individual work is incited and limited by the experience of the biological parents and by the child himself, engaged in his original self-creation. The mission of third-party parentalization is to free itself from fantasmatic and acted conflict, in order to raise, in day-to-day conduct and speech, the question of the unconscious of each member of the family and the family group.