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François Marty : The oceanic feeling

The oceanic feeling, as an object of controversy between S. Freud and R. Rolland, may be understood as a feeling belonging to the feeling of love experienced at adolescence. Being the expression of a fusional regression or the anticipated perception of the object love, the oceanic feeling may be one version of the resolution of the puberty conflict.

Christian David : To love is to grow up.

At adolescence, the family novel is replaced by an  » anticipatory selffiction « . Such a new romanesque organization plays the part of an auxiliary organizer for adolescent transformations and enables the subject to disentangle himself from the impact of parental images and associated superego rigidities. The birth of enamoration may owe a lot to the sudden coalescence which thus takes place between the anticipatory selffiction and the  » exquisite  » presentness of the emotional encounter.