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Jacques Laget : cuts, painting with the blood, glance of the therapist

During a session of psychotherapy, Benoît, 15 year-old, asks if he can make a painting of his blood – painting which he realizes then, at home, and describes in the following session : the eyes of Horus, which he found on internet. He presents a severe depression and projects of suicide, he cuts himself, the narcissistic fragility is massive and the identical problem in the foreground. Benoît claims his depression, says his fascination for its scars, he assimilates his need to see pouring his blood as a dependence with a drug. He wants to cut himself, he needs it, he feels existing. The blood relationships unite him strictly to her twin sister. He says that he does not suffer when he cuts himself, He undergoes in adversity, he feels and paradoxically hardens… The pain strengthens him and there even strengthens the limits of the ego. He so treats his excess big sensibility, signs for him of weakness and passivity which we set against the violence, the power and the strength which he feels in his auto-aggressive behavior.

Glances : his on his blood and painting. The place of the glance, the glances, the eyes of Horus, internal glance of Benoît on his blood which pours, his scars, trying to appropriate a body and a psyche which change and threaten it. Glance of his parents who suffer, he knows that, bewildered, they panic at the beginning, but their glances evolve. Glance of the therapist on his painting, as « adolescent » creation, and resumption of the myth in the therapy. The therapist, the psychotherapy of the attacks of the body, restore a relationship associating creation and representation, opening in the sense.

Adolescence, 2011, T. 29 n°2, pp. 355-383.